Policies and Procedures

Accommodations Check Sheet for Patients with Disabilities    pdf (98KB)  Word (36KB)

A two-page, easy-to-use check sheet that patients can complete either independently or with assistance that identify and record accommodations they require in a health care setting. This document can be retained in the patient’s file for ease of reference or added to on-line, digital patient records.

Accommodating Seniors and People with Disabilities: Model Policies and Procedures for Primary Care Practices    pdf (130KB)  Word (71KB)

A 12-page document for primary care practitioners that is designed either to stand alone as a new chapter that can be inserted into a three ring binder or added to a digital file of existing policies and procedures.  Suggested policies set forth the basic position of the practice on key issues while procedures describe specific tasks required to implement the policies, including managing the delivery of care, and they also specify who is responsible for accomplishing specific tasks.