Profiles of People

A Brief History of Blind Physicians

“Barriers Fall for Disabled Medical Students” – November, 2003 NY Times article about Jeffrey Lawler, 4th year Western University of Health Sciences medical student and other health care providers with disabilities. – Note: this is a PDF file.

Blind Physicians in Current Practice – “There is a common misperception that we have to be all things to all people, and that anyone who falls short of perfection is somehow incomplete.” – Dr. Yarnell

Center for Self-Determination Stories of exemplary health science professionals with diverse abilities who are practicing as nurses, doctors, dentists and dental hygienists.

Deaf Professor Creates Website to Help Deaf Children Communicate By Bianca P. Floyd

Disability Leads Student to Medical School – Like all medical students, he faces numerous challenges which will put all his abilities to the test in coming years. For Jeff, however, there are additional obstacles to overcome.

Disabled Students Encouraged to Pursue Science Careers.

Persistence and Perseverance. For doctors with disabilities, overcoming obstacles is part of the job. By Julie G. Madorsky, MD, and Barry Corbet

Margaret Stineman by June Isaacson Kailes, Disability Policy Consultant and Susan Madison, consultant.

Michael Ain – “Aiming High,” by Melissa Hendricks – John Hopkins Magazine, April 1999 – In the rough and rugged world of orthopedic surgery, Dr. Michael Ain stands out. Ain has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia.

Thomas Strax MD Doctor, Physiatrist, Administrator, Executive Dr. Tom Strax comes from a long line of physicians, including his father and beloved cousin who served as a key mentor throughout his education. With athetoid cerebral palsy, becoming a doctor was not a “piece of cake,” but it seems that Tom had many cards stacked in his favor, not the least of which was his singular desire.