June Isaacson Kailes, MSW, LCSW


Associate Director and Adjunct Associate Professor


June consults, trains and writes on a variety of health and emergency management disability-related issues. She oversees grants and contracts with managed care organizations, medical centers, health plans, and government agencies; trains people with disabilities on strengthening their health care advocacy skills: and develops new agreements with public and private funding sources. She supervises administrative assistants, contractors, student interns, and policy fellows. June teaches “Disability Competencies and Literacy” to a variety of health care and emergency management students and professionals covering disability demographics, medical and social models of disability, quality of life issues, culture, risk factors, secondary conditions, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance including attitudinal, physical, communication, medical equipment and programs access, processes, procedures, protocols, and policies.


June is a well-known and highly respected disability rights advocate and consultant. Recognized nationally and internationally, she is one of the original national leaders in the Independent Living Movement. She consults, writes and trains on: ADA implementation, advocacy training and skills building; developing and analyzing disability-related public policy; planning barrier-free meetings, disability diversity training, reaching the disability market; customer service and product design, accessible telecommunication, disaster preparedness, response and recovery for people with disabilities and incorporating universal design and usability principles into existing and new environments. June also works as a subcontractor with a variety of government-related research and training projects as a trainer, writer, researcher, and policy analyst. These projects include Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers: on Aging with a Disability, Managed Care and Disability, Health and Wellness and Disability; The National Center of Physical Activity and Disability, Disability Practice Institute, and Personal Assistance Center.. June is well known for her pioneering work in conceiving, promoting, and moving the emergency management world from the vague “special needs” focus to operationalizing an access and functional needs approach to planning and response. This includes conceiving and working with the State of California to adopt and implement the use of Functional Assessment Teams (FAST). These teams strategically link government, nonprofit and business sectors to work with individuals with access and functional needs to enable people to maintain mobility, health, safety, independence, and successfully manage in general population shelters and other temporary housing options. This model is being put into practice in California as well as many other states. June has the unique ability to blend and bridge two worlds: disability user experiences and emergency management experiences. Her contracts include working with several California State Departments as well as cities and counties. She has also worked nationally with FEMA, the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services on policy, planning and training issues. She co-chaired The United States Department of Homeland Security’s working group  which developed a Functional and Medical Support Sheltering Target Capabilities List, worked on FEMA’s Guidance on Planning for Integration of Functional Needs Support Services in General Population Shelters, and is a member of FEMA’s National Advisory Council. Some of her frequently used and cited publications include:

June has held many offices on the boards of the National Council of Independent Living and the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers and served as the Executive Director of the Westside Center for Independent Living in Los Angeles. For the last seven years June has held a presidential appointment to the United States Access Board and has served as both its Vice Chair and Chair and well as chairing many committees. To learn more about June, visit www.jik.com.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, M.S.W. Hofstra University, Hempstead, Long Island, New York, B.A. in Psychology